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January 22, 2021
Make a Difference Today, Donate Now

Here is a link that will allow you to donate to our Children's Fund.  This is a charitable program that Auburn's Local 797 participates in, which gives back to the community in which we are proud to serve:

Auburn Fire Fighter's Children Fund:


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2012 Fight For Air Climb
Posted On: Sep 16, 2011

Come join the Auburn Fire Fighters for thier Second Annual "Fight for Air Climb".  This is a stair climb to raise money for the American Lung Association.  Please either donate to our group or better yet sign up yourself to help raise money.

There is a registration discount for us this year so please, sign up early. It's going to be $20 instead of $35. Use the code "ffaeb42" when you register to get the discount.  The minimum fund raising goal is $150. I've set mine at $200 which seems to be very achievable from what we saw last year. Follow the link to the site below and good luck. Don't forget to join the team "Maine's Bravest" - Auburn Firefighters Local 797.  Also, pass the word to your wives, girlfriends and all other family members.  I'd like to try to get a big crowd to go down this year.  All are welcome!


First Responders

Cops, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel

Join us in the fight for healthy lungs and clean air and show us what you’re made of

You may be doing this climb to test yourself, to compete against rival departments or even to see if you can make it…

Firefighter Competition


A $35 (non-transferable and non-refundable) registration fee is required for each participant, and there is an additional $100 minimum fundraising requirement due by the date of the event in order to participate. The money raised will support the American Lung Association in our mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

Rules & Regulations

In the best interest of competition and to make this event as fair as possible, the following guidelines have been established. In order to qualify, the following guidelines
must be adhered to:

  1. TEAM - You must have 5 members to qualify for the Fastest Fire Department Team award. Members do not have to be from the same department. A team may consist of five members from five different departments.
  2. PPE - Must be structural firefighting gear adhering to NFPA 1971. Both coat and bunker pants MUST have the liner in place. Failure to have a liner will result in your time not being counted toward the Firefighter Division awards. Bunker pants must be worn. 3/4 coats are permissible.
  3. BOOTS - All boots must be structural firefighting boots. Rubber, leather & lace up boots will be permitted, provided they are fire rated. No station boots will be permitted when qualifying for the trophy. Again, boots must be structural firefighting boots.
  4. GLOVES - Gloves are optional. They do not directly affect the outcome of the race.
  5. HELMET & HOOD – Firefighter helmets are mandatory, hoods are optional.
  6. AIR TANK - An air tank must be worn the entire climb in order to qualify your time for the Firefighter-specific awards. It is recommended that they be full, though this will not be policed. Unfortunately, due to the various sizes, capacities, makes and department standards there will be no official size or weight set for the air tank. Therefore the only requirement is that one be worn for the entire climb.
  7. MASK - Masks are required. Times will be counted whether you are on air or not. If you are not on air, then the mask does NOT need to be worn on your face, but you need to have it attached to your uniform.
  8. UNDERLAYERS – Optional, but it is recommended that some sort of clothing be worn :)
  9. TOOLS - WILL NOT BE ALLOWED (i.e., axe, halligan, pike pole, etc.)
  10. EMS - Any EMS team is more than welcome in the Firefighter competition provided they meet the above requirements.

START TIMES: Start times for Fire Department teams will be assigned based on the order that the team was created. Team members will be given consecutive start times. If a team needs to be divided up and not start one right after the other, please contact the Event Manager by Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Start times for Firefighters who are climbing as individuals and not with a team will be assigned based on order of registration.

PLEASE NOTE: These categories are the mandatory requirements to qualify for the Fastest Individual Firefighter and the Fastest Fire Department Team awards ONLY.  It is the intent of these guidelines to ensure fairness within the competition.  These guidelines will be monitored on an honor system. If a complaint is filed with the Event Manager, it will be investigated. If it is deemed that an infraction has occurred, that competitor's time will be removed from the overall individual and team's qualifying time.

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