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September 15, 2019
Make a Difference Today, Donate Now

Here is a link that will allow you to donate to our Children's Fund.  This is a charitable program that Auburn's Local 797 participates in, which gives back to the community in which we are proud to serve:

Auburn Fire Fighter's Children Fund:


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Auburn Firefighters and the MDA


Firefighters throughout the country have supported the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) since 1952.  The organization has become part of the fire service history and the I.A.F.F. (International Association of Fire Fighters) is the lead supporter for the MDA. It is our goal, the firefighters, to raise money each year so the Association can become closer to reaching their ultimate, lifesaving goal- to improve treatments and eventually find a cure.

The IAFF started to support this wonderful cause back in 1952 at a Boston, MA fire station.  One of the local brother’s wanted to help a desperate father and started to promote donations in order to help the father. Through this noble action, the donation and money collection took off and soon became a nationwide event. Before the Muscular Dystrophy Association could realize it, the IAFF made the MDA the “charity of choice” raising more than $350 million dollars in half a century.

78 percent of all of the money that we raise, you donate, goes back to the Association so that it can be distributed to services like research, health care and education to the effected children.   The money that has been raised has made incredible breakthroughs like heart disease, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and neuromuscular diseases just to name a few. The MDA solely relies on donations and fundraising not to mention that they do not seek or receive fees for their services. Another reason why it is so important to raise money for the MDA is because they do not receive any revenue through state, federal or local governments.

As a State in 2010 we were able to collect almost $97,500 which is an all-time high for the State of Maine.  We are sending a message to the other states and especially the New England ones!!! Hopefully with the generous donations we will be able to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy in the upcoming years.  With the help of our brothers, administration, local government and donations from the citizens we feel that this goal is possible.

Auburn Local 797 and Lewiston Local 785 collected $17,149 for the 2009 MDA "Fill-The-Boot" Drive. In 2010 the MDA Boot-Drive Fundraiser was able raise an amazing $22,000. As the rough economy has taken it's toll on the citizens and fire fighter we were able to come together and raised over $16,500 in 2011.

For the 2013 year, Local 797 will be collecting donations in a variety of ways, with the goal being to break previous record totals.  As you see us on the streets with a boot, or selling tickets for a fundraiser event, please feel free to ask us questions and donate to this worth organization.  It is our goal to find a cure for this disease and with your generous donations we will be able to reach our ultimate goal.  We hope to continue our service to the public and are dedicated to go out and continue to collect donations until we find a cure.

The following links are videos presented by the MDA.  These videos are both educational and explain why we, the firefighters, do what we do:

Why DO We Fill The Boot

Make A Difference-Donate-This Is Why

American Heroes

60th Year Relationship between IAFF and MDA


(Above: Firefighters Demers and Poremby pose with children who have benefitted from MDA while at the Heros for Hope dinner.)

Members from Auburn and Lewiston Local's are spending a gorgeous summer day at the 2010 MDA Summer Camp.


2011 Shaws MDA Collection        2011 "Boot Camp"  


(Pvt. Poremby and Pvt. Flanders at the 2013 MDA Conference)


(2013 MDA Street Drive at the intersection of Turner, Union, and Center Street)

Do You Want to Help Donate?  Click below and you can!!!

If you wish to help fight against Muscular Dystrophy you use the "Contact Us" button above to reach us for more information.  Or please visit the MDA website, link provided below to find out more information in treatments, ways to donate and much more:

May 10, 2012

Apr 09, 2011

May 10, 2012
November 28th, 2010   Auburn Local 797 Unite with the MDA Auburn’s Local 797 has once again met resistance from the City Council but this time it has nothing to do with manpower issues, safety concerns, or new equipment but about firefighter’s donating their own person time collecting money for a worthy cause.

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